Wingman (Elite Ops #2)

Published by Forever Yours

Release Date: 11/3/17

Genre: , , ,

The second book in Emmy Curtis's sexy and suspenseful Elite Ops series about a special squadron of top Air Force pilots, which will appeal to fans of Suzanne Brockmann, Pamela Clare, and Julie Ann Walker.

The higher the risk, the harder the fall.
Maj. Missy Malden loves her job, her plane, and its pilot - not that she could ever let him know. He's way too cocky, way too sexy, and in their job, any distraction is way too dangerous. But when a training exercise spirals out of control, Missy's in the hot seat, and Conrad's the only one who can bail her out . . . 

Lt. Col. Francis Conrad has always valued Missy too much as his weapons specialist to ever tell her how he really feels. But now that she's been accused of treason, he can't sit back and let her fly solo. To keep her safe, he'll put everything on the line-his career, his heart, and even his life.


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